I previously ate this curry at a companion’s home in Delhi and cherished it. It is a basic ordinary curry. Present with plain rice or hot phulkas.


             1 calabash gourd, stripped and cut into blocks

             ½ cup split Bengal gram (chana dal)

             1 teaspoon ground turmeric

             3 cups water

             2 tablespoons cooking oil

             4 peppers dried red chile peppers, broken into pieces

             1 teaspoon cumin seeds

             1 tablespoon minced new ginger root

             1 teaspoon minced garlic

             1 teaspoon ground red pepper

             1 squeeze salt to taste

             1 teaspoon white sugar


Guidelines Checklist

             Step 1Combine the calabash, chana dal, turmeric, and water in a weight cooker. Seal the weight cooker and cook at high weight for around 20 minutes. Lessen warmth to low and stew an additional 3 minutes. Eliminate from warm and permit the strain to deliver normally.

             Step 2Heat the oil in a huge pot. Fry the red chile peppers and cumin seeds until the seeds start to splutter; gather the ginger and garlic to the blend and cook into a single unit brief more. Mix the calabash blend, ground red pepper, sugar, and salt into the blend; heat to the point of boiling, diminish warmth to low, and cook an additional 5 minutes before serving.

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