New natural product serving of mixed greens

Honeydew melon, sweet grapes and kiwi make a delightful natural product serving of mixed greens. Store this huge cluster in the ice chest for fast non-weekend day morning meals

•             READY IN15 minutes

•             COOKING TIMENo time by any means

•             PREP TIME15 minutes

•             SERVES12


•             2 nectarines, washed, stoned and cut

•             250 g red seedless grapes, washed, bigger ones divided

•             1 honeydew melon, stripped, deseeded and slashed

•             2 kiwi organic product, stripped, divided and cut

•             1 lemon, squeezed


1.            1

Put the readied organic product in an enormous bowl. Include the lemon squeeze and throw everything together.

2.            2

Spread with stick film and keep in the cooler. Use inside three days.

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