On the off chance that obviously, they are planned to be matured with no guarantees, they likewise uphold cooking. These wild blueberries will make the best sticks. Me, I like to utilize them in cakes where they bring a little tart note. Here, regardless of whether the cake isn’t appallingly tasteful, it is horribly … tasty. I can just welcome you to acknowledge it.

Topsy turvy blueberry cake enhanced sugar

For the blueberries

500 gr of wild blueberries – 1/2 bundle of mint – 2 limes – a couple of agastache leaves (anise) – 50 gr of caster sugar

             Wash the blueberries and spices. Dry them.

             Finely cleave the spices and mesh the lemon zing

             Mix together the sugar, spices and zing/

             Mix this enhanced sugar with the blueberries. Film and put aside 60 minutes.

For the mixture

100 gr of flour – 50 gr of cooked almond powder – 100 gr of caster sugar – 1/2 sachet of preparing powder – 150 gr of spread – 3 eggs

             In the bowl of the food processor, pour the eggs and the caster sugar. Speed until the blend significantly increases in volume. Pour the flour and the preparing powder in downpour.

             Finish with the liquefied spread and hazelnuts.

For dressage

             Generously margarine a springform dish. Empty the blueberries into the lower part of the form.

             Then pour the mixture.

             Bake in a preheated broiler at 180 ° C for 35 minutes.

             Unmold while hot.

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